Aging Gracefully with Aromatherapy

The power of essential oils.

The senior years have always been considered “the golden years”, but let’s face it, it’s no fun getting old. From about the mid-fifties onward the body seems to start breaking down. Creaks are felt in the joints, eyesight grows fuzzy, fat appears where it once never was, things sag, and the mind just isn’t as sharp, nor is the hearing. With proper diet and exercise, we can slow the aging process a little, but sooner or later, we all succumb. We can go either downhill gracefully or we can go kicking and screaming; either way, we can enjoy the delights of aromatherapy as we go …

Essential oils, whether placed in a water diffuser, added to a tissue by our pillow as we sleep, bathed in or added to a hand cream or massage oil, can play a supportive part in holding onto our wits and health as we age. The scent of the oil as it hits the limbic system can spark memory, revitalize, stimulate or sedate, and balance the mind and body as we age gracefully.

Sometimes as we age we could begin to lose their joy in life. You hear seniors say that everything becomes such hard work and such a bother. It is far easier to sit and moan about one’s losses and inabilities than to make and effort to go out and embrace life. The will and desire to join in community, to reach out, to participate just becomes an impossibly difficult exertion of energy. They have no interest anymore and apathy sets in. Essential oils can help with supporting the emotional component of apathy by buoying up the spirit and rejuvenating the mind. Some of these oils are: bergamot, clary sage, jasmine, rosemary, peppermint, and Young Livings blend call Joy.

Lack of attention or inattentiveness also creeps up on us. The mind wanders, thoughts become jumbled and concentration goes out the proverbial window. You have those 'senior moments'. It seems as if pockets of memory that are stored in the brain become lost for a while, then resurface later, totally intact. It has been well documented that essential oils can increase concentration and help focus the mind.

Clarity in a bottle!

Essential Oil that may help to bring clarity and focus back to the task at hand. Here are some Essential oils to help; rosemary, peppermint, lemon, basil, grapefruit, orange, eucalyptus or Young Livings blend called Clarity.

Confidence is another factor that can become challenged later in life. A once fit and strong you may feel frail and unstable both physically and mentally. You shy away from tasks that were once natural and easy. Things like driving a car, which they had done for the last 50 years, can now seem daunting especially if you are driving at night.

Essential oils will not suddenly inspire you to be brave and undaunted, but the oils will help boost confidence and support the emotional fear associated with the challenges. Some oils for confidence are: jasmine, sandalwood, frankincense, ginger, pine, neroli or Young Livings blend called Valor.

Young Living has a collection of emotional oils that could help including: Release, forgiveness, harmony.

For more information on Balancing emotions with essential oils check out this free Facebook class.

Digestion can also be disrupted as one ages. Essential oils can be massaged in a carrier oil over the abdomen in a clockwise direction to help assimilate food and improve metabolic functioning. Some oils that are good for digestion are: ginger, fennel, chamomile, peppermint or Young Livings blend Digize.

So, since we will all grow old, why fight the inevitable?

Put a couple of drops of essential oil into your favorite diffuser, enjoy the wonderful aroma, sit back and grow old gracefully.

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