Why you should wear essential oils as perfume.

Can you see your perfume on the list?

Despite the fact that 5 ounces of the stuff can cost $200-plus, I have friends that have been buying designer perfume since they were in their teens.

Me? I could never find a perfume that didn't turn rancid on my skin. Looking back my wallet and my health thank me!

When I was introduced to Essential Oils I began to ask the question, "Can you use essential oils as perfume?" After much research and a lot of testing research I can tell you that you most certainly can and, even better, you probably should.

I currently travel for work and I often get asked what perfume I am wearing except it isn't a perfume its a blend of essential oils. It's the perfect hint of floral, citrus or woodsy depending on my mood.

The kicker? My favorite blend that smells like vacation in a bottle cost a mere $38.82 and last me for about two or months

If you are someone that goes through perfume like other people go through coffee, this could be a huge money-saving and health hack.

As I started to research essential oils as perfume, I came across something that was truly shocking. I'd never really considered that the ingredients in perfumes aside from the plant derivatives could be harmful. In retrospect, this might've been a bit naive for someone who's reported about clean beauty and knows which harmful ingredients are often used in products, but for some reason I'd never lumped perfume in with skincare and makeup.

Phthalates consistently come up as one of the top ingredients to avoid and lo and behold, most perfumes are full of them. As explained in depth in a TIME article, phthalates have been attributed to causing a number of health issues including developmental disorders, poor lung function, polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems conceiving, hormonal imbalances and more. And yet, we're literally spraying them onto our bodies and rubbing them in.

Aside from phthalates, there are a number of other ingredients typical to perfumes that would certainly not pass the clean beauty test. Taking this into account, it is an easy decision for most people do away with perfume for good and make the switch to Essential Oil.

Essential oils contain a whopping zero harmful ingredients, so why wouldn't you opt for them? They still allow you a layered and multifaceted scent like typical perfumes featuring multiple notes would but, they also allow a scent that is uber pure and distinct.

I think there's something quite romantic and cool about having a determinable signature scent. If you're into florals, try out jasmine, lavender, rose, and ylang ylang and see which one suits you best. cedarwood and sandalwood are great for those of you that want something more earthy and ambiguous. Bergamot is a great option for citrus lovers and clove has a nice spice to it.

I have tried many bad oils so you don't have to!

My recommendation would be to stay away from store bought oils many are just as bad as the perfume you are giving up.

100% pure therapeutic oil is the only thing you should be putting on your skin, find a company that farms and distills it's own oils on sight and is not a 3rd party broker.

My favorite signature sent is Stress away by Young Living. You can find a distributor in your area that would gladly let you sniff your way to a favorite sent. Just google 'your town name' and Young Living.

Or, visit my website www.myyl.com/shop

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