The power of a vision board

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Visualizing your dream is half the path to success. Many of us create lists of goals but for those who prefer visual stimulation, vision boards might work even better. Vision boards are, generally speaking, a collection of images, photos and words that represent your dream life.

Having a vision board will not only help you clarify and visualize what success is to you but will also keep you focused and motivated. The first step towards changing your life is changing your mind. Surrounding yourself with positive images will help you transform your thoughts and will encourage you to work and succeed.

A vision board can contain as many elements of your dream life as you like: your dream house, what sorts of things you’d like to possess, how you want to look, who you want to become. Vision boards can help you clarify your desires and goals and add a sense of reality to your dreams. Since they are something you can see every day, as soon as you wake up, vision boards also provide you with an incentive, a reminder to work on your goals on a daily basis.

It’s completely normal to feel down from time to time. Difficulties and daily challenges can make you feel like your dreams will never come true, and here’s where vision boards come. By visualizing your goals, you are constantly reminded of what success looks like and you have the best incentive to achieve it - your own happiness. Pictures and images also work much better than simply a list of goals, since they help with visualization. They activate your creativity and imagination, two of the most important qualities for success, regardless of the field. Finally, vision boards can help you harness the law of attraction and invite happiness and success in your life.

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