Why you should adopt a morning routine

If you’re like many people, your “morning routine” involves smacking the snooze button, lumbering out of bed like a zombie, and heading straight for the coffee machine. But how would you feel if you could wake up each morning refreshed, upbeat, and ready to face the new day?

A few tweaks to your mo

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  • 1. Choose your outfit the night before. How many times have you rushed around in the morning, desperately looking for your favorite pair of pants or black shoes? By getting your entire head-to-toe look ready for the next day before you hit the hay, you’ll avoid the morning panic and be able to begin your day gracefully.

2. Set an intention for the day ahead. In yoga practice, setting an intention is used a way to center yourself, setting your sights on a goal or state of mind you hope to achieve. If you have an important presentation at work, your intention for the day might be “be confident.” If you’re rushing the kids to school, your intention might be “remain


3. Reward yourself with a simple pleasure. Take a few moments to do something that feels good to you, whether that’s savoring your java over the morning newspaper or completing a few stretches in your pajamas. Just opening the blinds and bathing yourself in sunlight may be enough to inspire some joy in your morning.

4. Eat to succeed. Skipping breakfast is an energy killer, and it’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing: choosing a nutritious meal with enough protein and fat to power you through to lunchtime. Think toast smeared with fresh avocado, eggs served with a side of fruit, or wholesome and heart-friendly oatmeal.

5. Check the boxes. A list taped to your door is the best solution for those last-minute preparations: do you have your phone? Your wallet? Any documents you need for work? What about the weather – do you need an umbrella? Offloading your requirements onto a list saves valuable mental space and makes it easy for you to remember everything you need each day.

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